How is an intensive cleaning process carried out safely and on location?

Before the cleaning starts, a gas safety technician determines whether it is safe to enter the tank. If necessary, supplied air respirators will be provided and used. It is important to follow and comply with the safety rules.

Maritime and industrial cleaning
and Collection

DUTCH WASTE is an expert in the field of maritime and industrial cleaning, collection and processing of waste products. Thanks to our many years of experience in environmental management, we can offer every customer the right solution. We have a professional, no-nonsense mentality, and use environmentally friendly methods and materials in a safe, effective manner.

Always an appropriate solution

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We are fully familiar with all aspects of maritime waste processing, ship-generated, commercial and domestic waste. We are available 24/7 to ensure your waste flows are handled correctly, both on water and on land.


We possess all the necessary equipment to carry out specialist cleaning activities rapidly and effectively. Using environmentally friendly methods and materials on location or at our facility, we guide you every step of the way.


We are trained, alert and have all the necessary technology and manpower available in-house. We can take action immediately and under any circumstances. Wherever we are needed in the Netherlands, we get to work rapidly to keep further contamination to a minimum.