Maritime and industrial cleaning,
collection and processing.

DUTCH WASTE is the specialist when it comes to maritime and industrial cleaning, collection and waste processing. Small or large, difficult or easy, planned or ad hoc: DUTCH WASTE is a professional and no-nonsense organization that likes to unburden relationships. This will be done in a safe, efficient manner with environmentally friendly means.

24/7 service

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Specialist for more than 30 years.
Complete unburdening with top quality.

Waste collection

Years of experience and therefore the recognized specialist for managing the various waste streams, on the water and on land. His specialists are avaible 24/7 to relieve the customers.


With its own equipment, DUTCH WASTE offers all facilities to switch quickly. The activities are arranged and coordinated in consultation with the customer. We unburden you during the entire process.


DUTCH WASTE is trained and has the means to take immediate action in the event of an emergency, wherever in the Netherlands. On the water or on land.