With its own equipment, DUTCH WASTE offers all facilities to switch quickly. The activities are arranged and coordinated in consultation with the customer. We unburden you during the entire process.

Customer can go 24/7 for specialist cleaning;

Cargo tanks
Engine Rooms
Bunker tanks
Sewage tanks
Fuel tanks
Double bottom tanks
Drinking water tanks
Ballast water tanks
Engine rooms
Land tanks
Oil-water separators
Car washes

His vacuum trucks, environmental boats and high-pressure cleaners are used nationwide for the cleaning of oil-water separators, car washes and settling tanks of petrol stations. With a butter waste installation, closed cargo tanks can also be cleaned thoroughly and safely.
If tanks are not completely gas-free, breathing air units are used. There is an eye for safety down to every inch.

Prior at class inspections, gas-free and hot-work certificates and in preparation for all common paint jobs. DUTCH WASTE also has the right tools for cleaning work in the event of fire damage. They naturally use environmentally friendly means.

This is possible in the Julianahaven in Dordrecht on site and on location.