Waste collection

What happens with all the collected waste?

Ship-generated waste is rapidly and efficiently collected and removed for processing. 95% is reusable and suitable for other applications. By giving it a second life, we are contributing to a better environment.

Waste collection

Specialist knowledge and experience!

The careful collection of (hazardous) waste products demands specialist knowledge. Waste transport over water is regulated differently from transport over land, and both waste flows are subject to specific regulations. With our fleet of ships, vacuum trucks, and experienced team of certified professionals, we have everything required to process all your waste flows properly and effectively. We do so 24/7 and, needless to say, following protocols and regulations arising from various decrees and European treaties.

Various waste types

With ship-generated waste, a distinction can be made between waste products that arise as a result of operating the ship and cargo-related waste products. We are fully familiar with these various waste types, which means that you can come to us for the collection and processing of all waste types. With the greatest efficiency, we collect sludge, bilge water, waste oil, washing water and food oils. We can also rapidly collect and process small-scale hazardous waste, batteries, packaging and commercial and domestic waste.

What can you expect from us?

With DUTCH WASTE, you can rest assured that we will handle your waste flows responsibly. We use our equipment, are certified and always work with the correct papers and protocols for the avoidance of any doubt about the origin of the cargo we collect, transport and process on your behalf. We also attempt to make 95% of all collected waste suitable for reuse or other applications. In this way, we contribute to a better environment.

  1. Contact us

    You can reach us 24/7 by telephone or e-mail. We will respond immediately to your request. The more exact information you give us about the waste to be collected, such as the quantity and the exact location, the sooner we can get to work and help you in the best manner.

  2. Collection

    Our ships and vacuum trucks collect your waste on location with the highest precision and safely and professionally. Our tank barge is used to handle larger volumes.

  3. Analysis

    To determine the processing charge for the waste products, we take a representative sample of the collected waste.

  4. Removal & Processing

    With the correct forms filled in, we proceed to remove and process the waste as efficiently as possible.

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