Waste collection

Careful collection of (hazardous) waste from maritime and inland shipping requires knowledge. Years of experience and therefor the recognized specialist for properly managing the various waste streams, on water and on land. His specialists are available 24/7 to relieve the customers. DUTCH WASTE knows its way flawlessly in the world of maritime waste processing.

The different types of waste are collected and removed with our own equipment, such as:

Bilge water
Waste oil
Wash waters
Edible oils
Oil filters
Small hazardous waste
Packaging (steel and plastic)

Other ship’s waste and (fixed) industrial and household waste are also collected and removed quickly and efficiently for processing.

Fun fact, 95 of these are made suitable for reuse and other applications. In this way we are also working on a better environment.

The tank pushed barge is used for larger volumes. You can get rid of your waste in on trip.